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Ohio State will be welcoming four-star defensive lineman Dylan Thompson as part of that stellar 2014 recruiting class compiled by Urban Meyer. Thompson is a 6-5, 270 lb. lineman that will be bringing a physical style of play with a unique mix of strength and athleticism to Ohio State. Thompson will be coming out of Montini Catholic in Lombard, Illinois. He is rated as the No.37 defensive tackle in the nation by ESPN.

Dylan was kind enough to conduct an interview with CSC to discuss his future as a Buckeye.

Dylan T 247


Height: 6-5 Weight: 270 lbs.

Hometown: Lombard, Illinois

High School: Montini Catholic

Position: Defensive Tackle/End

Status: Committed- OHIO STATE- 3/23/13

Offers: Ohio State, Arkansas, Clemson, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Missouri, Ole Miss, Purdue, Syracuse, Tennessee, Vanderbilt


Q: How did your senior season at Montini go?

A: The season was great. We were going for a fifth state title. We made it to the State Championship game, but fell short to a very good team. My teammates are my brothers and I am going to miss taking the field with them. I ended the season with 17 sacks and 35 TFL (tackles for loss).

Q: What academic path will you be taking at OSU?

A: Exercise Science

Q: When did you realize that Ohio State was the place for you?

A: I was able to do extensive research online, including watching videos of the coaches interacting with the players. We visited many colleges but when I entered the Woody Hayes Center, I knew immediately that was where I would fit in the best. All schools talk about family, family, family…Ohio State lives it.

Q: Have you been a lifelong Ohio State fan or did you just become acquainted over your recruiting process?

A: We have always known about Ohio State but I really began researching it during my recruiting.

Q: What is your understanding of the rivalry with Michigan and its importance to the program?

A: Let’s just say the ‘M’ word isn’t spoken in our house and we no longer wear blue.

Q: What impressed you most on your visits to Ohio State?

A: Every big program has the great facilities, good trainers, famous coaches and all that goes into college football. The family environment at Ohio State was the first thing that grabbed me. They involve their own families in everything and they treat the players just like they do their real families. The staff is so dedicated to the team, on and off the field. They really care about molding you as a whole person, not just on the field. I found that at Montini High School and I know the tremendous importance of having that in your life. There is nothing like winning on the field with your team, but winning in life is everything.

Q: What do you expect when running on the field for the first time at Ohio Stadium?

A: The horseshoe is a very intimidating place. Entering it when it was completely empty gave me chills. I imagine entering as a player for the first time will be overwhelming, but the Buckeye Nation is supportive beyond belief and I can’t wait to play in front of them.

Q: How have Coach Meyer and Coach Vrabel as well as the entire coaching staff impacted you thus far?

A: Coach Meyer and Coach Vrabel are incredible men. They have had so much success in their lives through hard work and they bring that to their coaching. They expect nothing but the best of the team, as players and men. They have made it clear that it isn’t going to be easy and there are no promises, but that they will support me throughout. They expect hard work and dedication and that is one of the reasons I chose Ohio State. That is what I want to be a part of. I was definitely not a born athlete. I was a skinny, scrawny kid who had to work very hard for where I am now. It is so much more rewarding to be successful through hard work.

Q: How do you feel about fitting in with this deep and talented group of defensive linemen at Ohio State?

A: We have already began to make bonds. Each time I visit I get to know the team better. They are great guys that have welcomed me into their world. I look forward to competing with them but more so to leaning from them.

Q: Which current Buckeye D-linemen impress you?

A: Bennett is a beast. I love the high intensity. Bosa has impressed me with his hard work and determination which has earned him a lot of playing time as a Freshman.

Q: How do you feel about the talented group of players in this 2014 recruiting class?

A: DREAM 2014!! I am so blessed to be coming in with such an incredible group. The talent is over the top, and the guys themselves are amazing. We have been able to spend a lot of time together during multiple visits, especially this past weekend at the group Official Visit. Also, most of us spent a week in Oregon this year at the Nike Opening. We have really gotten to know each other well. They are all champions and I can’t wait to get on the field with them putting in work.

Q: What are your goals in your time at Ohio State?

A: I will be enrolling in June and plan to get right to work. It is no secret that I love being in the gym, but I am looking forward to enrolling in classes over the summer and getting to work in the classroom also. There is no doubt that my main goal is earning a degree in Exercise Science. Ultimately, I would like to continue to play football beyond college, but whether or not that happens, I want to stay close to the game and this degree will help me do that. I want to leave OSU knowing that I gave them as much as they gave me.

Q: What are some strengths of your game on the field?

A: My relentless motor. I will not stop before the whistle, no matter where the play goes. I have been told I am a great teammate. I know my success on the field depends also on the man next to me. I am pretty intense and passionate about the game and I share that with my teammates through encouragement and support. Speed and agility training has helped me take my game to the next level.

Q: Anything you feel that you can improve upon as you transition to college football?

A: There is always room for improvement. More coordination of strength and skill will be key.

Q: Any specific defensive set or formation you feel best in?

A: I play mostly defensive end, but love the opportunity to line up one-on-one over center.

Q: Are there any specific players you model your game after?

A: A little John Simon, a lot J.J. Watt.

Q: What jersey number do you intend on wearing as a Buckeye and why?

A: I will be wearing 94, Coach Vrabel’s number.


We want to sincerely thank Dylan for his time and his thorough answers to all of our questions.


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